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Teen suspects left notes:Troubled teen suspects left notes before murder-suicide

Teen suspects left notes after suicide following the alleged murder of a police officer in Fla.
Teen suspects left notes after suicide following the alleged murder of a police officer in Fla.
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Troubled teen suspects left notes behind prior to their suicide following the death of a police officer. The fatal unraveling happened in central Florida Saturday morning. 18-year-old Brandon Goode and 17-year-old Alexandria Holllinghurst were a couple who ran off together. Once they were tracked down, things went from bad to worse. NBC News reported March 26 that the teenagers were planning to evade police and end their lives, given evidence authorities had.

After Goode and Hollinghurst decided they'd run away together, their families reported them missing. When police found them in an SUV at a Walgreens parking lot in Kissimme Fri. morning, they tried talking to them. Suddenly the vehicle sped off...nearly striking an officer and pedestrians in its path. A warrant went out for resisting police without violence and reckless driving.

On Sat. morning officer, Robert German, encountered Goode and Hollinghurst during a "subject stop" in Windemere -- 20 miles from Kissimmee. German called for backup. The officer reportedly had a body camera on, but it was turned off. By the time backup arrived, German was on the ground with a gunshot wound. They also heard a gun firing in the distance, only to learn that the teenagers committed suicide near the scene. The teen suspects left notes behind before they died.

Robert German, 31, was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

In the note Goode left behind, he wrote that he wished to steal a boat and sail to Panama with Hollinghurst. He added that he was sorry to his parents for the “pain and misery I have brought.”

The boy was arrested in 2012 when he threatened his mother with an ax.

Hollinghurst's note was similar in feeling, but her family claimed she wasn't suicidal.

“I love you to death, but I just couldn't do it anymore. Every day became harder and harder,” the girl wrote to her father.

An autopsy of the bodies is still pending, but the evidence suggests a murder-suicide.

With German's murder and knowing what their future looked like at that point, the teen suspects left notes behind and felt the need to end their lives. The whole incident is a tragic unfolding for the families of these three individuals.

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