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Teen suspects left notes behind for family before killing officer, selves

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Two teen suspects left notes behind for their family before they allegedly killed a police officer and then killed themselves. The Daily News shared the latest details on March 26.

Alexandria Hollinghurst, 17, and Brandon Goode, 18, left something behind for their families and the authorities to sort through in this twisted and heartbreaking incident. The teen suspects left notes explaining a bit about why they wanted to die, though of course it doesn't bring much solace for the heartbroken and confused families.

Hollinghurst left a very angry letter for her mother, but her sister and father received more loving notes. Goode left one note for his parents apologizing to them for the "pain and misery" he had brought them and telling them he didn't want them to be sad. He said he was dying peacefully with the woman he loved and called Alexandria his fiancée.

This past weekend, the two took off from their homes and took a car from Goode's family. The parents called the authorities and when Officer Robert German attempted to stop the two, they shot him and then apparently shot themselves. While Goode does have a history with some prior troubling incidents, Alexandria's family says she really didn't get into trouble until she connected with Brandon.

The authorities are still investigating just how things played out this past weekend with the shooting of the officer and the deaths of the teens. Of course knowing that the teen suspects left notes for their families, the police have some direction to go on in terms of the state of mind of the two teens. The family should be getting more information as the investigation continues, but it is all probably of little solace to the officer's family.