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Teen survives 3,500 foot when parachute fails (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

Teen survives 3,500 foot when parachute fails (Part 2)
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

While nobody is sure what actually happened, news source MyFox DFW, reports that the family is saying Mackenzie's primary parachute failed to open properly (it should have done so automatically).

It could have become tangled, and Mackenzie wasn't able to open the emergency chute. Mackenzie's father (he tells reporters that the main chute only half-opened, according to CNN) says Pegasus Air Sports Center is to blame because it gave inadequate training and failed to correctly maintain its equipment.

Pegasus' owner, on the other hand, claims it is Mackenzie's own fault and says the equipment was fine:

"She didn't do what she was supposed to do," he says, though it's not clear what she did wrong; the owner says she didn't take a "corrective counter action" to make her parachute "stop turning." He claims the chute did open fully but somehow, "maybe ... initiated by her," started a rotation that caused the problem, reports

The family has now hired a lawyer, writes Fox News Insider.

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