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Teen summer workshop: Defining personal success

In this two-day workshop, participants will explore their definition of success and identify action steps to effectively reach their personal goals.

Parents, teachers, peers and the media all contribute to a teenager's definition of success. Yet, do "perfect" grades and graduating from the "best" college automatically result in a fulfilling life? Does driving the "right" car and hanging out with the "in" crowd guarantee happiness? Is having a "thigh gap" a healthy goal to aspire to?

When teens chase an external definition of success, they may not be living in alignment with their intrinsic values. Success is more a state of mind. We believe that the experience of success should come from the meaning that the teens, themselves, assign to their efforts, and the feelings of satisfaction that they derive from the outcome of those efforts.

Day 1: Self-Reflection

Participants will take inventory of the ways in which they are already successful, and be invited to express gratitude for what they have already accomplished, and for those who have supported them along the way.

Day 2: Goal Setting

Participants will imagine and discuss what being their "best self" would look like, and be facilitated in creating action steps which can turn those goals into reality.

Research shows that we feel our best when we are doing something that we believe in, doing it well, and doing it for a cause even greater than ourselves. The teen years are a perfect time for adolescents to examine what truly matters to them, and harness this awareness to motivate them to do their best work, creating a life of passion, purpose and fulfillment.

* Note: Group is limited to 6 participants. (Snacks, worksheets and pens will be provided.)

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