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Teen suing parents sent shocking horrid message – leaves judge spitting nails

You have to be a special kind of spoiled brat to think that parents that raised you, fed you and even enrolled you in a private school in order to provide the best education would be steamed rolled over by shocking horrid language that would make a sailor blush. Yet, according to the Blaze, Rachel Canning who saw part of her lawsuit against her parents rejected left her mom a message that even angered New Jersey Morris County Court Judge Peter Bogaard.

Rachel Canning swears up a storm in phone message to mom then sues mom and dad
photo credit – Facebook – Shock Mansion

The 18-year-old high school senior, who can easily claim the “Worst Daughter of the Year” award, did not feel that she needed to bow to the parental rules being set for her. Imagine the outrage she reasoned in having to:

  • Keep parental curfew rules
  • Doing chores around the home
  • Reconsider her boyfriend relationship which was upsetting her parents

Spoiled to the bone Rachel packed her bags and her infantile acting attitude and left the house, but not before leaving her parents a little parting gift. Since she lost her car the parents gave her, and they stopped high school tuition payments she went on the attack and allegedly sent a highly disturbing message to her dear mother, reported the Blaze.

According to the Blaze the Daily Mail obtained the phone message Rachel left her mom which follows:

Read the transcript of the phone message below:

‘Hi mom just to let you know you’re a real f***ing winner aren’t you you think you’re so cool and you think you caught me throwing up in the bathroom after eating an egg frittatta, yeah sorry that you have problems now and you need to harp on mine because i didn’t and i actually took a s*** which i really just wanna s*** all over your face right now because it looks like that anyway, anyway i f***ing hate you and um I’ve written you off so don’t talk to me, don’t do anything I’m blocking you from just about everything, have a nice life, bye mom’”

There you have it. The young honor student cheerleader seemed to have lost her social graces and instead went all Die Hard ballistic on her mom.

The judge was outdone and reacted with understandable harshness in lecturing the teen student on her lack of phone etiquette as well as her disturbing behavior in regards to the lawsuit. The New Jersey judge tossed out her financial claims for $650 a week in child support and the remaining part of her high school tuition. Next month the judge will hold a hearing regarding Rachel Canning’s request that her college tuition be paid by her parents.

The question that the parents asked the court was quite simple, “… what do you do when a child says ‘I don’t want your rules but I want everything under the sun and you to pay for it?” according to the Blaze.

Yes, what do you do indeed…besides wash her mouth out with soap…oops lawsuit.

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