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Teen suicide postpones antibully task force meeting


Tonight, the South Hadley Public School System, in South Hadley, MA, will hold it's regularly scheduled school committee meeting from 6:30-9:00pm.  But the antibullying task force, slated to meet the same night, has been postponed. 

According to an online  article at The Boston Globe, the meeting was put off as a result of the emotional outcry from a15 year old girl's suicide, allegedly a result of excessive bullying.

On January 14, 2010, fifteen year old Phoebe was found dead by her family.  Subsequently, teens and parents have been crying out for change in this high school of 700 students, where bullying is rumored to be very serious problem.

The public meeting tonight will have a forum for antibullying discussion, but it has been requested that Phoebe's family's privacy be respected and her death not be brought up. 

Task forces and school committees can meet a thousand times a year, but ulitmately it will be up to the kids to force change.  And many are well on their way, as shown by the poster below, taken from the In Memory of Phoebe facebook page.


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