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Teen star arrested again

Teen idol Justin Bieber seems destined to lose his squeaky-clean teen idol image this year, having been arrested now for the second time in a week.

The one-time YouTube sensation was charged in Canada yesterday for an assault that occurred about a month ago. This is the second time the teen star has been arrested in a week. Last week, he was charged with driving under the influence in Miami, Florida. He was also charged with resisting arrest, and driving without a valid license.

First introduced to the world several years ago, Bieber was considered a wholesome teen idol, adored by fans (especially teen and tween girls) worldwide. While he still has a strong fan base, he is slowly becoming better known for creating controversial headlines than for making quality music.

Bieber pleaded not guilty in the Miami case, which is still pending.

Is Bieber on the way to becoming another star, who has risen, and now seems to be falling quickly from grace? We have seen similar situations many times before, especially among young stars who are ill-prepared for the type of fame, money, and attention they end up getting. Fortunately, a few stars such as Drew Barrymore or Robert Downey Jr., experienced very troubled times in their career and ended up recovering and thriving.

Whatever problems this famous teenager does have, hopefully he will get whatever help he needs.

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