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Makenzie Wethington: 16 y/o Makenzie Wethington survives sky diving accident

A teen named Makenzie Wethington survived a sky diving accident after her parachute malfunctioned and she fell 3,500 feet. On Jan. 28, USA Today reported that 16-year-old Makenzie of Joshua, Texas was skydiving in Oklahoma with her father. It was on her bucket list, so to speak, so her dad took her for her 16th birthday. However, a fun, exciting trip turned life-threatening when Makenzie's parachute wouldn't open. She fell 3,500 feet from the sky -- but she is alive.

"Makenzie is hospitalized with internal bleeding, broken vertebrae, and a shattered pelvis. She is breathing on her own in the intensive care unit of an Oklahoma City hospital," USA Today reports.

The teen in the sky diving accident is expected to be okay, which is the most important thing. It is an absolute miracle that she survived the fall and many are now wondering why she was allowed to jump alone for her first ever jump. Many believe that she should have done a tandem jump and her family is questioning that decision.

"She's okay. She's not dead. She could be," said Makenzie's sister, Meagan. As far as a back-up plan, Bob Swainson, owner of Pegasus Air Sport, says that Makenzie "wasn't paying attention" when they were giving instructions about deploying the second parachute. Her family believes that she may have been too panicked to think straight when her first parachute malfunctioned.

More on the teen in the sky diving accident in the video above. You can also visit the Facebook page that Makenzie's family has set up to notify the public of her progress.

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