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Teen shot in Canton at Twerk party held at After Dark Teen Club reported today that a teen boy was shot Sunday morning outside a teen club in Canton. The club, After Dark Teen Club, hosts parties for teens under the age of 19. Saturday’s party was dubbed the “Blackout Twerk Party" and ended at 1:00 a.m. The club is located at 8663 N. Lilley Road in Canton.

Miley Cyrus has made 'twerking' a household word.
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The victim, a 16-year-old boy, was reportedly in an altercation with other teenage boys outside the club. One of the boys fired a gun hitting the teen in the thigh. The shooter fled the scene and the teen was taken to a local hospital where his wound was considered non-life-threatening.

At this time, the Canton police do not have a suspect in custody. The investigation is on-going.

At the club's website, they state that there is adult supervision at all times and “Your child’s safety is important to us” and "Our Security Staff is on duty inside and outside the club the entire night."

There is also a list of rules for the teens to follow when attending one of the parties. One rule about searches states that:

For the safety of our patrons, everyone who attempts to enter the club is subject to being searched. No Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco or Weapons. If you appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may not enter the club.

And Parent information states that:

Your child's safety is our number one concern, for this reason, pat downs / searches are conducted to make sure no dangerous or illegal objects are brought into our environment.

We have a zero tolerance policy for Harassment, Bullying, Drugs, Tobacco, Alcohol, and unwanted physical contact.​

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