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Teen shooter and one student dead at Reynolds High School in Oregon

In the normally quiet tourist town of Troutdale, Ore., located approximately 16 miles east of Portland, police there received a call of shots fired at Troutdale’s Reynolds High School around 8 a.m. on June 10, just as classes were getting ready to start for the day. Police report that a gunman shot and killed one student at the school and shot and grazed a track coach on his hip before the gunman was formally “confirmed deceased” by authorities. Police say the shooter was "found dead a short time later," after the school’s opening bell.

A high school track coach said he was shot and grazed on the hip, but was not seriously hurt.

Units responding to this morning’s latest school shooting included SWAT teams and about 40-50 units from the Troutdale Police Department, according to USA Today. Fire trucks were called to the scene while police cordoned off the school area with police tape, not allowing anyone to enter onto the premises.

Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives also made their way to the high school to check out the situation. Chief Scott Anderson of the Troutdale Police Department would not say how the shooter met his demise, but did say that the identities of the gunman and his student victim would be released after their families were notified.

After the shootings, school personnel had students evacuate the building with their hands on their heads. SWAT conducted a room-by-room search of the school while parents met up with their children at a parking lot nearby. School Superintendent Linda Florence said that it was “a very tragic day, one that I had hoped would never ever be part of my experience. We feel very sorry for our parents."

Reportedly, the now deceased shooter was a teenage male. A spokesperson for the Troutdale Police Department, Sue Strickland, could not confirm whether or not the teen shooter was a Reynolds High School student. Strickland also said that “a semi-automatic weapon was used."

Reynolds track coach Todd Rispler told KGW-TV he was grazed on the hip but was not seriously hurt.

One of the students at the school, 15-year-old freshman Daniel DeLong, said he saw the coach with a bloodied shirt, adding that "It just, like, happened so fast, you know?" Delong went on to confess to reporters that he was a little shaken up and a little worried. DeLong said he was texting friends just to make sure everyone was OK.

The Huffington Post shared that, prior to the evacuation, students heard over the school intercom system that the building was on lockdown and that they were to “quietly go to their classrooms.” Another 15-year-old student, freshman Morgan Rose, said she stayed safe in one of the school locker rooms with two teachers and another student. "It was scary in the moment now knowing everything's OK I'm better," she said. For more on the story, see the video accompanying this article.

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