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Teen save government $136 million: Easy way government can save $136 million

Has a teen come up with a way to save the government $136 million, or more? Science Fair winner, Suvir Mirchandani, 14, figured that the same method used to save his Pittsburgh middle school $21,000 in environmental waste, could be applied to the U.S. government.

Suvir noticed he was receiving far more handouts in his classes than needed for the amount of information printed on them. The Dorseyville Middle School student chose a computer science-based project to promote environmental consciousness for the Science Fair in 2013-- the origin of where the teen believed he could save the government $136 million. According to a March 29 report by CNN, the amount is far more. It's closer to $234 million in all branches of state and federal government!

The 14-year-old told CNN that just by switching fonts on paperwork, it would save the government millions. It would require less ink and paper, thus helping reduce environmental factors. Switching to Garamond font would reduce waste instantly.

"Ink is two times more expensive than French perfume by volume," Suvir said.

Suvir's theory proved true after an investigation made up of grad students and academics at Harvard University called Journal of Emerging Investigators, thoroughly researched his proposal.

"We were so impressed. We really could really see the real-world application in Suvir's paper," Sarah Fankheuser said, one of the group's founders.

The group receives over 200 submissions a year and Suvir's proposal for the government to save millions was a "real standout," according to the report.

So far Suvir hasn't heard anything back from the federal government on his innovative approach to reduce spending and paper usage, but he knows it won't be easy to change things.

"I recognize it's difficult to change someone's behavior. That's the most difficult part," the teen said.

Still, the student holds out hope that he may have come up with a huge solution in paving a new way for the government to make change in this area.

If the federal government on its own used Garamond font, they would reduce spending by 30 percent. In other words, the teen would save the government $136 million with his theory. Will the system listen to a middle school student who has a real grasp on how things work?

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