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Teen's Walmart home: Kid, 14, dons diapers, makes cubby-hole in Walmart home

Teen sets up home in 24-hour Texas Walmart, lasts four days before being caught!
Teen sets up home in 24-hour Texas Walmart, lasts four days before being caught!
Wikimedia Commons

A bizarre story about a teen secretly taking up residence in a Texas Walmart store has captured the nation’s attention today. The teen created two cubby-holes nestled in between walls and shelves and was able to live there for the better part of a week before getting caught, according to CBS News on Aug. 13.

The Corsicana Walmart employees were stunned to learn this kid stayed in the store 24-hours a day without getting noticed. If you think about it, a Walmart store has everything you would need to survive quite comfortably, the only problem was how to avoid getting caught, reports Fox News today.

You have to give this kid an A+ for ingenuity as he changed clothes often during the day in one or the other of his cubby-holes so that store employees would not notice him. Within the combines of his secret compartments he had food, which was taken from the store. He also had all the other creature comforts of home with a make-shift bed, again made from bedding he got in the store.

The 14-year-old went as far as wearing diapers so that he wouldn’t be seen using the bathroom too often. His compartments were set-up and hidden like little fortresses within the store. One area was hidden behind stacks of paper towels and toilet paper and the other was along the baby aisle, where he used boxes of strollers to keep the staff and shoppers out!

He created a hole in the back wall which led to the juice, so whenever he got thirsty, the juice was just an arm’s length away. Customers never noticed the kid living among the products.

When he was discovered the teen made a mad dash for it, but security guards caught up to him. The police were called and he was released into the custody of the relatives he was originally living with. He managed to escape another relatives house where he was sent for a visit, and this is when he set up home in Walmart.

The saddest part about this story is that no one reported this kid as missing. He spent at least four days in Walmart, so he was gone for more than just a day. Police indicate that because he lived with one set of relatives and ducked out on another family of relatives when visiting them, it sounded as if each family thought he was with the other family.

Child Protective Services reports that they usually are called to investigate cases like this, but they weren’t called this time for this case. It doesn’t appear as if this kid will face any charges in this case. The Walmart dweller is at home today and his cubby-hole accommodations have been dismantled!

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