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Teen's rape goes viral: Teen involved speaks out after girl goes public

Jada wants boys behind her attack arrested.
Jada wants boys behind her attack arrested.
Photo by Mesa Top News Examiner: Video screen cap

A teen's rape goes viral on the Internet, and now one 16-year-old girl is sharing her story with the world. Underage victims of assault typically have their identities protected. Their names are kept from the media, but Jada decided to go public with her story after photos of her body post-rape spread on social media. The Christian Post shared Jada's story on July 14.

This 16-year-old Houston native shared only that her name was Jada, but that reveal is large enough. She is not an adult yet, but she is showing bravery that some twice her age cannot show. Jada shared her story with a local affiliate in Houston. Jada spoke out about what happened to her in hopes of bringing the young men that allegedly raped her to justice. Her mother originally asked that her daughter's identity be hidden from the public, but Jada decided to go public completely. She said the following to KHOU:

"There's no point in hiding. Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am."

The incident took place a couple of months ago. Jada and some other girls attended a party, and someone handed Jada a drink. It was following the drink that the rape allegedly occurred. After the incident, photos, videos, and memes spread on social media. Jada's classmates all knew what happened. Someone posted Jada's naked body on Instagram for everyone to see.

Jada claims that Innel Yahia and his friends were behind the rape that night, but Yahia denies the claims made by Jada. Yahia tweeted about the incident, and he revealed that Jada grabbed the drink out of his fridge herself. He said the following to his Twitter followers:

"She brought the drink herself from my fridge asked if we could drink it. She knew what she was doing before she came. She never let me hit, she gave me d--- twice."

Some of his tweets have now been deleted because the tweets incriminate him. However, Yahia pointed the finger at another boy that attended the party that night. Jada is now working toward getting Yahia arrested for her rape. The young girl held a press conference outside of the home where the attack took place, and she wants him arrested. Police are investigating her allegations, but no arrests have been made yet.

Jada is definitely brave for coming forward and sharing her story with the press. With social media use increasing among teens, stories like this are becoming more and more common. Teens use social media to tease, taunt, and bully their classmates.

This story only goes one-step further. The case of Jade is one where she was victimized. Jada did not know of her attack before the photos of her naked body went viral, and she is not the only young girl this has happened to on social media. Another teen only found out after photos and videos of her attack went viral on social media, according to Think Progress. Yahia is claiming his innocence. The police will need to decide if there is enough evidence to arrest the teen. The investigation will need to be completed before a decision is made.

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