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Teen's iPhone bursts into flames in her pants

Top news coming in to a warm San Francisco today is about a schoolgirl's iPhone catching on fire and giving her first- and second-degree burns. The cell phone was in her pants at the time, says WMTW.

It started when the teenager sat down in her seat in class. She heard a popping noise from the back pocket of her pants. That's where her cell phone was. She saw smoke, says the Bangor Daily News.

"Heavens, that's incredibly frightening," says San Francisco resident, Alice Marshall.

The girl dropped to the floor and rolled over to smother the flames. Then the teen's friends asked the boys to leave the room so she could remove her pants. Her teacher found a blanket and covered her with that.

She was sent to the hospital and was later released.

As for how it happened, the fire department in Kennebunk are looking into it, but one official says, according to Seacoast Online, that it may have been the phone's battery that "shorted out" when the girl sat in her seat.

This is something the public should be aware of. As one official advises:

“People should obviously use caution when placing their phones in their back pockets so as not to crush them and cause an electrical short,” he says.

(There's no official word from Apple after the report.)

"I’ve never seen anything like that,” says the principal, who credits the girl with a "stop, drop, and roll" move when the incident happened.

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