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Teen's Facebook murder plot foiled by aunt

Marissa Williams' murder plot exposed by aunt.
Marissa Williams' murder plot exposed by aunt.
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An aunt had suspicions of her niece’s online activities on Facebook so she made a fake Facebook profile posing as a male acquaintance and befriended the niece. She found her niece plotting to murder her so she contacted the authorities in which the niece confessed and was subsequently arrested, according to Alabama Local ( published on June 10.

Marissa Williams, 19, is in the Tuscaloosa County jail after allegedly plotting to have her newfound Facebook friend named Tre (Topdog) Ellis kidnap her and take her out of Alabama away from her family. She instructed Ellis to kill her aunt, her aunt’s fiancé, her cousin and the family dog if they tried to stop him. What she did not know was it was her aunt she was talking to on Facebook.

Williams moved in with her aunt in April of this year after which the aunt asked her to stop inviting men she met online to her home. She also would not allow her to attend parties with strangers. Her discipline angered Williams so she blocked her aunt from seeing her online activities. This is when the aunt created the fake Facebook profile page with the intention of teaching her niece about online safety.

Williams met Ellis online in May when she asked him to come over and get drunk with her. She gave him the phone number and address to her aunt’s house, then offered Ellis sex if he would pay her $50 cellular phone bill. Not long after that conversation, Williams confided to Ellis how much she hated her family and wanted to move out of Alabama. She plotted her own kidnapping with him, complete with a map to the aunt’s bedroom to kill her and the fiancé first.

After the authorities confronted Williams, she admitted to the murder and kidnapping plots. She confessed that she did not want anyone killed and was apologetic. Williams was arrested, charged with the solicitation of murder and is currently in the county jail with a $30,000 bond.