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Teen pleads guilty to killing both parents after dad ’took his iPod and stuff’

‘Five bloody knives, a baseball bat and a crowbar were recovered at the scene.’
‘Five bloody knives, a baseball bat and a crowbar were recovered at the scene.’
Facebook via Norfolk Courts

A high school teen from Norfolk, Va. pleaded guilty on May 28 to stabbing his mother and father to death back in December 2013 because he was fed up with their routine parental punishments. Vincent T. Parker, 16, was charged as an adult in those two second-degree counts of murder.

ABC News reported that after the Dec. 19, 2013 murders, the teenager told police “"I just remember getting mad. It's all from my dad. All this stuff like my dad talking away my iPod and stuff." The young man’s parents were 55-year-old Wayne Parker and 57-year-old Carol Parker.

Back in December, Parker confessed to police that on the day of the murders he left school at Norview High early, while his dad was still working. The young man went to his Bland Street home in Norfolk, waited for his mother to exit the bathroom and then pepper-sprayed her. Parker told police he didn’t argue with his mother before or during the attack. He stabbed his mom in the eye and then proceeded to beat her with a crowbar and then a baseball bat.

Parker told police that he continued to beat his mother “until she stopped breathing,” according to WTKR. The coroner later reported that “25 separate smashes and stabs to Carol Parker’s neck, face and head” were easily identifiable.

Then the 16-year-old son waited for his father to come home. After his dad got in the house, Parker went after him with a crowbar and “then stabbed him multiple times.” The father survived his son’s initial assault and managed to dial 911. When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, the elder Parker directed the crew upstairs to his wife – who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Five bloody knives, a baseball bat and a crowbar were recovered at the scene. Vincent's DNA was also found on the items and his father's DNA was found on the bloody shirt Vincent was wearing.

The father was transported to the hospital where he later died. The teen honor-roll student with no previous criminal history who killed his parents for what the court considered routine disciplinary actions will be back in court on September 18 for sentencing.

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