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Teen on meth accused of mom’s murder– is tearful video confession real?

When a meth head is strung out on drugs the user is liable to do any type of whacked out crime including murder. Unfortunately for the 44-year-old mom of teen murder suspect Brett Pearson, his mother Michelle Pearson died from gunshot wounds the youthful triggerman allegedly caused according to arresting law enforcement officials reported KPTV.

Brett Pearson and Robert Miller II are accused on the meth induced murder of Pearson's mom
photo credit - KPTV

The 17-year-old murder suspect claims that he and another meth using buddy Robert Miller II, came into his home for the purpose of scoring after robbing his own family. While the police have not determined which of the two assailants actually pulled the fatal trigger which murdered Pearson’s mother, both teens had been planning the robbery for some time, according to KPTV.

Yet, it is the video interview which the young accused murderer begins to break down and cry as he attempts to explain his tragic actions. He commented on the video through what could be concluded as seemingly self-serving tears, “None of it was supposed to happen.”

While that is certainly the understatement of the year, the fact that his dad, who was also injured in the gunfire is recuperating in an area hospital and the family is shattered, has not quite settled on him. The Oregon youth’s words that he offers are apologetic but for what?

The regret he confesses to have more to do with the permanent changes in his life as he talks about not being able to sit down with is his parents and eat dinner…the same parents that were shot and one killed in his meth induced behavioral haze.

Pearson also offers up his inability to now see his girlfriend and spend time with her or being able to, “wake up every morning in my bed going to school, getting my education,” reported KPTV.

There of course will be detractors and supporters of the alleged teen killer as each side weighs in on the sincerity of his jailhouse remarks. But the harsh reality is still the same, and that is his mom, who he even claims, he had a “great relationship with her when he was growing up,” according to the video interview.

Pearson makes an attempt to come clean about his actions and says on the video, “I’m truly sorry that I let myself make the choices I made and that I got so far gone that I decided to try to take somebody’s life, including my own parents.

Since both he and his co-defendant Robert Miller II, will be tried as adults, he may spend a lifetime behind bars thinking about the tragic choices he made.

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