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'Teen Mom' star Ryan Edwards continues to try and win Shelby Woods back

Ryan Edwards and Shelby Woods in happier times.
Ryan Edwards and Shelby Woods in happier times.
Ryan Edwards/Instagram

Ryan Edwards and Shelby Woods broke up over a year ago, and while Ryan appeared to be angry and spiteful immediately after, he has since calmed down and is now trying to win her back -- and this time, he's doing it with actions, not words.

Unfortunately, that may not be the best idea.

On March 1, Ryan tweeted to Shelby, telling her, "I don't think your neighbors will be raising anymore hell."

Apparently, Shelby had been having some trouble with her neighbors, and being the doting former boyfriend he is, Ryan took it upon himself to handle the situation in an effort to show Shelby that he still cares.

Once she heard about the news, Shelby seemed a bit uneasy. "Do I even wanna know?" she asked.

Ryan never actually said what it was that he did or said to the neighbor, but whatever it was, it was done out of love -- and hopefully wasn't anything serious.

Either way, Shelby doesn't seem to be in any mood to take Ryan back. According to reports, Ryan cheated on her, possibly more than once, and in her latest Ryan-based tweet, she seemed to be completely over him, saying that he wasn't special until she made him that way.

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