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‘Teen Mom’ star Mackenzie McKee tweets about water breaking

Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Mackenzie McKee is about eight months pregnant and will be giving birth to her second child soon. She has been criticized for getting pregnant so soon after she appeared on “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom,” but Mackenzie has revealed that she simply followed doctor’s orders, as she is dealing with diabetes. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Jan. 8, “Teen Mom” star Mackenzie McKee is now revealing that she could have broken her water as her husband recently shared her.

However, it sounds like she may be giving birth sooner rather than later if her husband keeps surprising her. "I really hope I just peed my pants and that wasnt my water breaking," she revealed on Twitter. "Husbands with a pregnant wife... DONT JUMP OUT AND SCARE HER." It sounds like he may be starting her labor early if he isn’t careful.

However, Mackenzie hasn’t exactly revealed what is happening with her, so it sounds like she isn’t exactly in labor just yet. One can imagine that she will be revealing the details of her labor and the arrival of her second child when it happens, since she isn’t tied to any MTV contracts anymore.

Will you be following her on Twitter to see when she gives birth?