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‘Teen Mom’ star Leah Calvert’s husband speaks out about divorce concerns

Leah Calvert
Leah Calvert
Leah Calvert's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Leah Calvert has been taking care of her three children for quite some time, but she doesn’t realize how lucky she is that she has a husband who works hard and pays the bills, so she can be at home with her kids. She previously complained that he was working so much that he was away from home, and now, he is addressing any divorce concerns that people may have with them. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on March 6, “Teen Mom” star Leah Calvert’s husband is now revealing that they are not getting a divorce.

"Jesus people me and @TM2LeahDawn are not getting a divorce!!!" he tweeted after people are assuming that they are getting a divorce. During the “Teen Mom 2” previews, there were talks of a divorce, but it hasn’t been confirmed that it was Leah and Jeremy. In addition, Leah has been complaining about Jeremy not being at home with their children.

Previously, Leah had spoken out about his grueling work schedule. "He struggles with giving work attention and also giving his family attention while he's away," Leah has said. "I just wanted to talk to him and there would three or four days I would go without talking to my husband. I would get upset and it would cause us problems, and he'd say, 'Well, whatever, then I want a divorce.' He throws out the word all the time, but we never end up getting a divorce.”

What do you think of him defending his marriage?