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‘Teen Mom’ star Leah Calvert hints that she is broke

Leah Calvert
Leah Calvert

Teen Mom” star Leah Calvert has been filming the show for a while and she has been paid by MTV for her appearance on the show for several reasons. And while there have been rumors that the girls are earning quite a bit for filming the wildly successful show, it appears that Leah can’t really make her finances work. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on July 10, “Teen Mom” star Leah Calvert is struggling with her financial situation because of her daughter’s health.

On a previous episode of the show, Ali was diagnosed with Titin Muscular Dystrophy, a disorder that has taken up much time and money. Ali is progressing and she has been spotted walking and running a bit, but Leah knows that Ali will have to use a wheelchair later in life to provide her with relief. And it sounds like the treatments and the doctor visits are adding up.

“It’s stressful because insurance doesn’t cover the whole cost. One bill alone was $20,000,” Leah has revealed. She adds that she had to go back to work at a beauty salon, just to make ends meet in the home. “The hardest thing is when Ali looks at me and says, ‘Mommy, my legs hurt,” she adds. “I know that there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s so tough for me.” But she was eager to let the press know that she is always encouraging her daughter.

“I’ve always taught her that no matter what obstacle comes her way, she’s going to overcome it one day a time,” she reveals. And she adds that Ali herself is a very optimistic girl, as she uses big words, such as “optimistic” and “challenging.” It sounds like Ali is aware of her disorder and knows that she has something that her twin sister does not. In addition, Leah reveals that she doesn’t want to focus on the disease, even though it is such a big part of her life.

Leah hasn’t revealed how much money that she has in the bank, but one can imagine that it is getting tough for the family to make ends meet. Do you think she is filming the show because she could use the money?