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'Teen Mom' star Katie Yeager gets massive tattoo on her stomach

Katie Yeager's stomach tattoo
Katie Yeager's stomach tattoo
Katie Yeager's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Katie Yeager may not be returning to the small screen anytime soon, but she is eager to share what is going on in her world via Twitter. She has left her relationship with Joey Maes a while back and has even been trying to find happiness with other people. And now, it sounds like she could be finding happiness in her own belly. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on March 17, “Teen Mom” star Katie Yeager is now revealing that she got a big tattoo across her tummy.

One can imagine that she isn't planning on having another child anytime soon, since she decided to get a tattoo across her belly. If she did decide to get pregnant, one can imagine that the tattoo would be stretched out and possibly ruined. And Katie isn't the first one to get a big tattoo on her body. Amber Portwood has one of her daughter's face on her tummy, while both Maci and Kailyn have massive back tattoos.

"Get a tattoo across your belly button, they said. It'll be fun, they said," she said, sharing a picture of her belly after the tattoo was done. The tattoo shows a little girl, spray-painting a giant rainbow across her tummy. It is a rather cute and happy tattoo and maybe one that little Molli inspired. Of course, Katie has always been a fan of tattoos, so it isn't surprising that she is getting one now that big.

What do you think of her decision?