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‘Teen Mom’ star Katie Yeager claims someone thought she was Farrah

Katie Yeager
Katie Yeager
Katie Yeager's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Katie Yeager may only have been on “Teen Mom 3” for a short time before it was cancelled, but her role on the show was enough for people to notice her. Many associated her with the other MTV stars, including the original “Teen Mom” stars. And now, she admits that people are getting them confused. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on July 7, “Teen Mom” star Katie Yeager reveals that someone once thought she was Farrah Abraham.

Katie has been trying to date new guys ever since she and Joey broke up while filming the show. She wanted to move away and attend school, so she packed up her life and her daughter and started dating. However, she is now revealing that she has had some bad experiences with dating. Some guys tend to hit on her by saying the wrong things all the time.

She has revealed that one guy thought that she was Farrah Abraham, but it wasn’t so much her look. He approached it more in a manner that made him question whether she was the “Teen Mom” star who made the sex tape. She reveals that her date once asked her in the middle of dinner if she was Farrah. She ended up rejecting him, but one has to wonder if he just wanted to have sex with her, thinking she was Farrah.

But it sounds like Katie may have found someone good for her. She has been dating and has hinted on social media that she is seeing someone special. At this point in time, he remains a mystery boyfriend, but it sounds like they may be able to make it for the long haul since they are not trying to live in the spotlight.

Do you think that Katie looks anything like Farrah? Why do you think this guy brought it up during dinner?