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‘Teen Mom’ star Kailyn Lowry proves she can co-parent with Jo

Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry
Kailyn Lowry's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry could not get her relationship to work with Jo Rivera when they were dating. She wanted to have Isaac's parents together because that was something she didn't have, but she quickly realized that it was more important for her to be a happy mother, than a married mother. And now, she is trying something new. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Feb. 24, “Teen Mom” star Kailyn Lowry is now trying something new when it comes to co-parenting with Jo Rivera.

Kailyn and Javi jumped in the car with Isaac and Lincoln and they drove over to Isaac’s father’s house to hang out. This would be the first time that Isaac gets to see his parents together with their partners. Jo has been dating Vee for quite some time, while Kailyn and Javi got married last year.

"Making a late lunch then mini road trip to Jo's house to see their new apartment and Isaac's room when he's over there! #coparenting," Kailyn has revealed. She shared pictures of her road trip with Javi to meet up with Jo and Vee, who live about two hours away from them. "Had so much fun hanging out with Javi, Jo and Vee! Isaac is gona love this!" Kailyn revealed. Her husband, Javi, added, "Nice to have all of us in 1 room."

When the girls were filming the catch-up special in New York, Kailyn got some co-parenting advice from Leah Calvert. Perhaps she is trying to put that to good use now. What do you think of her efforts?