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‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans is putting her school first over filming

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans' Twitter

Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans announced earlier this year that she was pregnant and would be expecting her second child at the end of summer. People were shocked because she was technically married to Courtland Rogers at the time she got pregnant, but she has since gotten divorced. People were concerned that she hadn’t changed. According to a new Radar Online report published on June 17, “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans is now putting school before anything else.

Of course, her pregnancy is her top priority and she is excited that Jace will soon be a big brother. She wants to give her second child the best possible life so she started going to school, something that many people didn’t think she would do. She has been studying medicine in hopes of becoming a medical assistant.

She has been sharing her milestones on Twitter, but people can’t relate some of her choices and decisions. There are many people who write false stories about her and she is getting tired of hearing them. These stories include her current boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. She has been able to balance both her schooling and her relationships.

“Jenelle is not secretly engaged to Nathan right now,” a source has revealed. “Why would anybody think that she would keep that a secret? She loves Nathan and when she gets engaged she’s going to want the world to know.” And it sounds like she will give birth at the hospital. “Jenelle cracked up when she heard people were saying she’s going to give birth at home and have a water birth. No way is that going to happen. Jenelle is going to the hospital to have baby Kaiser and she is DEFINITELY taking an epidural.”

Of course, there have been rumors that the show will continue to film since it has become such a big hit. Many stories claim that Jenelle will actually stop filming the show in favor of schooling and family. And yet, this may not be true. She could be using the money from the show to give her children a better life. Sources close to her say that she won’t be turning her back on the show that gave her so much in life.

Would you want to see Jenelle’s life as it unfolds with her second child, her schooling and her career? Or are you done watching her life on a reality show?

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