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‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans can’t deal with drug issues in private

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans' Twitter

Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans admitted to being hooked on drugs last year, even though she kept lying about it. And it sounds like she can't get the help she needs to stay completely sober. Instead, she has put everything on her boyfriend. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Jan. 20, “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she quit going to Narcotics Anonymous and is getting the support of her boyfriend instead.

"I'm attending NA meetings once a week," Jenelle revealed last year as she was getting help for her issues. "U should see all my chips I have on my key chain for being sober for such a long time!" However, it sounds like she quit going to these meetings because she couldn’t go as someone anonymous. People recognize her, and she isn’t able to share her stories without judgment.

"I'm not currently going to any meetings right now. It's because of who I am," Jenelle explained during our exclusive interview. "If I go to a meeting, even if it's anonymous, they know who I am." And it sounds like her boyfriend, Nathan, is helping her. "I've just been focusing on staying sober and Nathan helps me," she said. "As long as I keep away from the negative people I can stay sober. And Nathan doesn't do drugs, he doesn't smoke pot, he drinks occasionally but he's not an alcoholic. I've had problems with alcoholics before so I monitor his drinking and he monitors me. We work as a team."

Do you think she can stay sober with the help of Nathan?