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‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans accuses Nathan of talking to other girls

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans' Twitter

Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans tends to jump from guy to guy, and now she is happy with Nathan Griffith even though they have been together for less than a year. She claims that they have never really had a fight, but the newest trailer of “Teen Mom” hints that he was caught talking to other girls behind her back. And now, during this pregnancy, things are not perfect. According to a new Radar Online report published on Jan. 17, “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans is supposedly hiding her misery.

“Jenelle and Nathan fight non-stop,” a source has revealed. “Nathan is being really mean to Jenelle and is not paying attention to her.” The source adds that the stress of the pregnancy is apparently enough to stress both of them out. And during the preview for the newest season of the show, this wouldn’t be the first time that Nathan has talked to other girls behind her back.

“Nathan is talking to other girls and that’s why she’s saying he isn’t paying attention to her,” the source reveals, adding, “Plus he is being lazy and he needs to work to help support this baby, Jenelle can’t do it all on her own.” One can imagine that she doesn’t want to break up with him because she is expecting his child and wants that little family.

Do you think they fight? Do you think she is lying about how happy she is?