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‘Teen Mom’ star Gary Head is furious that Jenelle is profiting from his life

Gary Head
Gary Head
Gary Head's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Gary Head has been staying out of the spotlight since Jenelle Evans broke up with him and he stopped filming the show. He claims that Jenelle ruined his life, and he hasn’t really taken responsibility for his actions. Jenelle, on the other hand, has moved on from their relationship and she seems comfortable in sharing stories about the show and people from her past. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Jan. 16, “Teen Mom” star Gary Head is now revealing that he is furious that Jenelle is making money off his life.

Of course, Jenelle isn’t really speaking to Gary other than some random tweets once in a while. But she seems to have no problem sharing articles about him on Sulia to make money. Several stars have expressed their dislike for her job, but it sounds like Jenelle doesn’t really seem to care. She is saving up money for her baby.

Recently, a Sulia post from her revealed that Gary owes lots of money. "My ex fiancé, Gary Head takes to twitter a lot to speak about his Rolex watch, or other possessions that he may obtain. Something isn't adding up though, because his ex girlfriend posted some shocking private messages, showing he owes her a TON of money!" Jenelle revealed. And of course, Gary was upset about the message. "Stop trying 2 make nickels off me you dumb f—," Gary tweeted back to her. "Go write something about your bf that MTV paid for you to make u look good."

Do you think Jenelle is abusing her power by sharing stories about Gary, considering she could be without a job once “Teen Mom” stops airing?