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'Teen Mom' star Gary Head admits he still smokes lots of weed

Gary Head
Gary Head's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Gary Head may no longer be dating or speaking to Jenelle Evans, but it sounds like his followers are eager to hear what he has been up to. He is supposedly dating a new girl and it sounds like he isn't exactly thrilled with the idea of keeping the drama with Evans going on his Twitter account. He was harshly judged by her followers because he was smoking weed on a daily basis and getting in trouble with the law, but it sounds like he can readily admit that he still smokes. According to a new tweet released on Sept. 6, “Teen Mom” star Gary Head is now revealing that he still smokes plenty of weed on a daily basis.

“I smoke a whole bunch of weed & drink a whole lotta syrup” he tweeted this morning. It is questionable whether he is speaking his own mind or quoting lyrics, but it sounds like he isn't ashamed of smoking weed. Even though some wouldn't consider weed to be a drug, it did land Evans in jail after failing a drug test just last month.

It almost seems odd that he would be speaking out about his drug use on Twitter, where people would be seeing it. Considering he dated Evans from “Teen Mom,” everything he says has the potential to go viral. What do you think about his drug-use comment?

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