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'Teen Mom' star Farrah Abraham releases single to all of her haters

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham may have had a tough year, since she learned that her second sex tape would be released after she experienced a major backlash from the first. If that wasn't enough, she had been working on her various books and she was getting ready to release a sex-toy line that she herself had formed. However, it sounds like there is something else she can add to her resume. According to a new Radar Online report published on March 17, “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham is now revealing that she has recorded and released a single to talk about how she has overcome the drama from her haters.

This new song, “Blowin',” was released yesterday with a video. She filmed the video with her daughter Sophia, even though it was about her life in the spotlight. The song isn't about doing drugs, as some people would have assumed. Instead, it is about blowing her bullies away. “I’m blowin’ all these bullies away” is the focus of the chorus. “I think of all of the ‘bully’ types I deal with… who are determined to be against me in my life,” Abraham explained of her song. “I want others to see they don’t need to be a follower or conform to what others think or do and let them live their lives to their full potential. I feel that to overcome the gravity of the negativity, bullies try to portray on others, we really need our own space and focus to leave all of that behind and clear the negativity.”

So, why would Farrah write and record a song about her haters? Well, she claims that without her haters she wouldn't be where she is today. She wouldn't be living in Austin with her daughter in her massive home, she wouldn't have various opportunities and she wouldn't have so much money in her account.

What do you think of her song? Have you heard it?

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