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‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham losing work because of her diva demands?

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham
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Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham may have had a good financial year last year, but it sounds like her popularity may have dropped after her continuous lies about selling her sex tape and her relationships. And now, it sounds like she could be burning some bridges with the only magazine who was willing to put her on the cover. According to a new Ashley’s Reality Roundup report published on Jan. 1, “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham has burned some bridges with a magazine after a horrible experience.

Last month, Farrah revealed that she had posed for some pictures with a “corpse” for the magazine, “Girls and Corpses.” It is the only magazine cover that she has landed in a few months, so one can imagine she felt thankful. But her behavior apparently didn’t show her appreciation. “What was supposed to be a two hour shoot took two days because of her demands,” a source has revealed about her behavior to “Reality Tea.”

“She kept everyone waiting at one point because one of the production assistants brought regular limes instead of key limes for her water,” the on-set source said. “One hour later he was back and she made him squeeze the juice out until it was the right taste for her. She took that one sip and never touched the drink again that day. Two days of this.”

Farrah may have gained fame from her role on “Teen Mom,” but one has to wonder when this “fame” will run out for her. This is the time when she should be focusing on building her career and her platform, not acting like a diva.

Do you think she will end up with a horrible career with this behavior?