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‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham can't escape her naughty past

Farrah Abraham
Photo by Michael Buckner

Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham once encouraged young women to film their own sex tapes because she felt that it was a liberating experience. However, it sounds like she may have some serious regrets about doing it now, despite getting quite the paycheck for the tape. It appears that she can’t even start a new business venture without being reminded of her past. According to a new UpRoxx report published on July 10, “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham’s new frozen yogurt business may already been affected by her sex tape past.

This week, Farrah announced that she was planning on opening a frozen yogurt shop in Texas. She had once expressed an interest in opening up a restaurant, but she was quick to spend the money she made from her sex tapes, including buying a new car and a new condo apartment with a pool. But she is still working hard on her business ventures, including writing several books. She has been working on a sexual trilogy.

The website has been hacked and the hackers were quick to put sexual images up on the website. Of course, the hackers wanted to humiliate Farrah and her new business venture. She has yet to say anything about the hacking, but one can imagine she is working hard to fix the issue. On the website, a statement about the company shares that the venture is indeed a collaboration between Farrah and her daughter, Sophia.

“The founder Farrah Abraham is recognized nationally for her success in entertainment as well being a wonderful mother to her daughter Sophia who at age 5 has helped every step of the way in creating a lovable, positive, passionate and educational mascot for Froco, “Coba” The popping boba, who you may put on your frozen yogurt and feel a pop of passion and positivity every time you visit Froco,” reads the website.

Farrah hasn’t said much about the hacking or her future venture with frozen yogurt. Some of her “Teen Mom” co-stars, including Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, have said that her name is very similar to Froyo, a popular frozen yogurt joint. In other words, it sounds like she isn’t getting much support from her former friends.

What do you think of Farrah’s new business venture? Are you surprised that hackers are reminding her of naughty past?

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