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‘Teen Mom’ star Courtland Rogers is heartbroken over losing child

Courtland Rogers
Courtland Rogers
Jenelle Evans' Twitter

Teen Mom” star Courtland Rogers has been spending time behind bars for the past couple of months, but this isn’t the first time he has been spending time behind bars. Last spring when he was arrested and put behind bars, Jenelle decided to terminate her pregnancy without him knowing about it. According to a new Radar Online report published on Jan. 20, “Teen Mom” star Courtland Rogers is now revealing that he is completely heartbroken after learning that Jenelle had an abortion.

“Nobody told me anything,” Courtland revealed after learning that his wife decided to terminate her pregnancy behind his back. “I did not know that Jenelle had gotten pregnant and she didn’t talk to me about getting an abortion.” Apparently, he didn’t know about the pregnancy until he watched the “Teen Mom” trailer. “It’s not fair that I found out about the pregnancy on a “Teen Mom” commercial! I didn’t know anything until I got out because I was trying to stay away from the drama. It breaks my heart. It hurts a lot inside. The fact that I had a kid and I didn’t even know I had a kid,” he added.

The two are no longer together, even though they are legally married. One can imagine that fans will get to see what happened behind closed doors once the show starts airing tomorrow. Would you be upset if you learned what he learned?