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‘Teen Mom’ star Chelsea Houska gives update on Adam Lind

Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Chelsea Houska has been spending the previous seasons chasing after Adam Lind, but he has always kept his distance. Even though he tried to convince her that he was there to stay, it didn’t take long for him to change his mind and hang out with new girls. And now, it sounds like she is finally ready to admit that he won’t be changing. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Jan. 13, “Teen Mom” star Chelsea Houska is now revealing that things have not changed with Adam.

Chelsea is revealing that Adam hasn’t changed, even though he is spending time with Taylor Halbur and their daughter. "No [he hasn't turned over a new leaf]. They know that you guys are gonna go off of what they post on the internet," she dished at the “Teen Mom” press day in New York City. "I know the back story, I know what's really going on, and it's not as good as you think. I read these articles and I'm like, if you guys only knew!"

Of course, Adam doesn’t have Twitter so fans don’t know exactly what has been going on. Chelsea will probably show some of the things on this final season of the show, but hopefully she has let go of any chance of him being with her. "Him and Taylor, off and on," she revealed. "When they do see Aubree they're going to take a bunch of pictures and they're going to post them because they want people think that's how it is."

What do you think of her comments about Adam?