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‘Teen Mom’ star Chelsea Houska denies having feelings for Adam

Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Chelsea Houska has been taking care of her daughter Aubree on her own, since Adam wasn’t ready to be a father when she was born. However, he has matured slightly, and he is now a father to a second daughter, Paislee. However, Chelsea seems to think that Adam has it all wrong when it comes to her feelings. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on March 13, “Teen Mom” star Chelsea Houska was shocked to hear Adam Lind talk with his friends about how she was jealous of him moving on with another girl.

"He tells people I'm so sad that he's had another kid and moved on. What?" Chelsea said while laughing, as she talked about Adam Lind and their previous relationship. "Even if I was devastated, I wouldn't tell him because I wouldn't want him to have that satisfaction, so I haven't said anything. I don't understand why he thinks that I'm so upset!"

She does seem upset when she is filming the show, because she is upset that Adam is now wanting time with his daughter. “It's weird because I don't know what he's saying to his friends until I see these shows, and I'm like, you can't just make stuff up and said it like that!" she continued. "I don't want people to see that on the show and think [that I really am]." On the show, she wanted him to just leave them alone, so she could be alone with Aubree.

However, it isn’t healthy for Aubree to not have her father around. Do you think that Adam has a point or do you support Chelsea?