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'Teen Mom' star arrested: Adam Lind charged with violating alcohol test program

'Teen mom' star arrested over violating drug charges
'Teen mom' star arrested over violating drug charges
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Former “Teen Mom” star Adam Lind was arrested this week on charges of violating his drug and alcohol test program requirements. The ex-boyfriend of Chelsea Houska from “Teen Mom Season 2,” Lind has a known history of getting in trouble with the law. Now, confirms the Daily Mail via Radar Online this Monday, June 30, 2014, he has been put behind bars again and will be missing valuable reunion time with his daughter, Aubree.

Chelsea Houska gained considerable fame from her time on “Teen Mom,” but it’s her past boyfriend — Adam Lind, who has apparently gained some muscle and some more tattoos over the years — who’s making pop culture headlines today. The 23-year-old star and dad of 4-year-old Aubree was reportedly placed under arrest and taken into police custody this Friday night.

According to the crime report, Lind is charged with violating his test program, which is a daily drug and alcohol procedure conducted to make sure the teen dad isn’t drinking or doing drugs. The young man has been charged in the past of more than one DUI (driving under the influence) accusations, which eventually led to the daily testing requirement. Hopefully, this latest stint will serve as a wake-up call for the young father to finally get his act together.

As a result, notes In Touch Weekly News, the “Teen Mom” star has been placed behind bars throughout the weekend. He remained in Minnehaha County Jail in South Dakota without an opportunity for bail until this Monday afternoon. A spokesman for the local jail has said Adam would not have an opportunity to be released until 2 pm today. The reason for the arrest is either a failure of the test or never showing up for his daily testing procedure.

“He either didn’t show up for testing or tested positive for alcohol,” added the police official.

Sadly for the former “Teen Mom 2” star and his relationship with his daughter, Aubree, the 23-year-old’s time behind bars has resulted him missing a weekend with his child. This particular weekend was his sole time per month allotted for Aubree to spend time with her dad.

“The saddest part is [the time of his arrest] was his one weekend per month with Aubree, so now she won’t get to see him,' shared a source.

Adam Lind has also been placed under arrest for DUI charges and most recently this May for operating a motor vehicle while having a license that had been revoked. He currently faces several misdemeanor charges; the statement concludes that since 2009 alone, Lind has been accused of numerous license-related criminal charges, including driving without a license no less than eight times. It is unknown whether his violation of his drug and alcohol testing program may result in more stringent charges or heightened drinking testing requirements.

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