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‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood doesn’t regret jail and lost time

Teen Mom
Teen Mom

Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood shared her story on the MTV show, where she revealed that she was struggling with drugs. Gary Shirley tried his best to make their life with their daughter the best possible, but things ended with fighting and rehab. Last year, Amber chose to spend 5 years in jail rather than getting professional help and a few weeks ago, she was released early for good behavior. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on Dec. 11, “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood is now speaking out for the first time since being released.

“Before prison, I never thought about Leah. I was addicted to drugs and didn’t care about anything else,” Amber has revealed about her lifestyle before going to jail. “Prison saved my life — and gave me a second chance at being a mother.” She was sentenced to five years, but only ended up serving 17 months. But it sounds like she doesn't regret it, because it completely changed her life. While in jail, she worked hard on finishing her education.

She is also giving some details about her time in jail. “It felt like a nightmare. Feeling humiliated and vulnerable (from the strip search), you literally have nothing and walk around like a zombie,” she reveals of her imprisonment. “There were times I reached a breaking point. I knew the only person who could get me out of there was me.”

Amber and Gary have been filming a special for MTV, where she gets to update fans on how she is doing. What do you think of her wanting to reconnect with her daughter after being addicted to drugs?