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‘Teen Mom’ star Adam Lind slams MTV and Chelsea Houska

Adam Lind
Adam Lind

Teen Mom” star Adam Lind is no stranger to drama. He has been filming the show since the very beginning of the second season and no matter what happens, both Adam and Chelsea cannot seem to understand various perspectives of their odd situation. And yet, Chelsea has not really talked too much about Aubree’s last name, which happens to still belong to Adam. According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report published on June 26, “Teen Mom” star Adam Lind is now revealing that Aubree’s last name is indeed still Lind.

Even though Adam has been filming the show, he claims that much of the information on the show is indeed fake. He has said that he's being depicted unfairly and he has called the show fake. He has even gone as far as calling the show's fans "idiots who feed off drama.” He didn’t have any fans after slamming Aubree and Chelsea by calling Aubree a mistake, but he surely won’t feel the love now.

On Instagram, he decided to share the news that Aubree’s last name is still Lind - not Houska. Chelsea may be the primary caregiver of her, but she probably isn’t using Aubree’s last name as much unless she has to. In an earlier episode, Chelsea had her child's last name changed to Houska during an early episode of the show, but Adam claims that her legal name is still Lind.

“For everyone that says my daughters last name is Houska…ya no its still Lind," Adam revealed on Instagram. "More proof of how fake the show is…they suck in all u idiots who feed off drama to believe everything that’s on TV." It is no wonder that he feels that the show is unfair, because the show never clarified that her name had been changed completely. And now he wants to set the record straight by using the only medium he has.

But it sounds like this kind of information is not the most important for fans. They want to know that he is a good father for her. What do you think of this information? Does it change the way you see the show?