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‘Teen Mom’ star Adam Lind settles down with another single mother

Adam Lind
Taylor Halbur's Twitter

Teen Mom” star Adam Lind can’t seem to stay with one girl for too long and having his child isn’t reason enough for him to stay with a girl. First, Chelsea Houska tried to keep him with her, but when he got Taylor Halbur pregnant, Taylor thought that he would stay with her. But she supposedly kicked him out after learning of his cheating. According to a new Radar Online report published on June 24, “Teen Mom” star Adam Lind is now dating a new girl by the name of Jessica Nicole.

Jessica is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota - the same city as his ex-girlfriends, Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur. In other words, Lind can still visit with his daughters when he is in town. Jessica already has a child of her own, who isn’t Lind’s baby. So, he does have some experience with younger children, but one can imagine that he doesn’t want more children of his own for a while.

Jessica revealed that she and Adam began dating in the middle of May, which was just weeks after Taylor kicked him out of their shared home. “It’s not to[o] often that someone comes into your life and makes you feel like a different person. A better, happier person,” Nicole revealed about Lind. “I feel blessed to have you in my life. You are a great man!” It sounds like she enjoys their relationship, but Chelsea and Taylor also appeared happy when they were first dating him.

And while Adam is moving fast with his new girlfriend, Taylor is spending time with her daughter, Paislee. She has been sharing posts of herself with her daughter, and she hasn’t said much about Adam on her account. However, Jessica seems thrilled with Adam and it sounds like the two may be working on moving in together. And if Adam was kicked out of Taylor’s home, he may be looking for somewhere to live.

Back when he was dating Chelsea, she was hoping that he would change. But now years later, it sounds like he is far from ready to change. What do you think of him moving on so fast?

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