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‘Teen Mom’ star Adam Lind can’t stop cheating on his girlfriends?

Teen Mom” star Adam Lind tried to make a relationship work with Chelsea Houska back when she was pregnant with Aubree. However, they started cheating on one another and it appeared that they could not make it work. In fact, the two broke up. But Chelsea and Adam couldn’t stop their romance and he often hooked up with her, even though he was linked to other girls. And this behavior is supposedly continuing. According to a new Radar Online report published on May 24, “Teen Mom” star Adam Lind can’t really stop cheating on his girlfriends.

Taylor Halbur and Adam Lind
Taylor Halbur's Twitter

Over the past couple of months, Adam and Taylor Halbur have been trying to make it work, but he seems less committed even though he has two children already with two separate women. Apparently, she has dumped him after learning that he has been seeing other girls and talking to others behind her back. “They’re not together,” a source has revealed. “He pretty much just went home one day and started saying how he was just unhappy and how he didn’t feel like Taylor was there for him and that he was going to leave.”

This supposedly happened six weeks ago, as Halbur dicovered that Adam had been talking to other girls behind her back when they were together. “Taylor went into his Facebook and he was already talking to two other girls,” the source said. “And then Taylor told him to get out and leave.” Of course, cheating has been a big part of their relationship, as it was revealed that Adam had slept with Chelsea while Taylor was pregnant with Paislee. “All through out their relationship he was for the most part with Chelsea and a few other girls,” the source said.

But Adam did try to make it work. Apparently, he did try to make an effort and Taylor did want to make it work if she saw an effort. At this point in time, he will have to tighten up his act if he wants this to work with her. It sounds very similar to the demands that Chelsea gave him a couple of years ago, when she was struggling with him and Aubree.

What do you think of Adam’s behavior? Do you think he has any respect for the ladies he is dating?

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