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'Teen Mom' MTV specials airing this weekend; What fans can expect to see

On Feb. 18 Ace Show Biz reports that this weekend MTV will be airing three "Teen Mom" specials that will follow the girls from the original series and share what they've been up to. The specials airing this weekend are called "Being Farrah," "Being Catelynn," and "Being Amber." Here's a bit of what you can expect from the specials.

On "Being Farrah"

Since Farrah's departure from "Teen Mom" she has made several questionable choices along the way, including her adult film which released a sequel. Farrah is still single and trying to live a low-key life but is having trouble doing so with her dad living in the guest house and her mother coming to visit. Their rocky relationship will bring new things to light and Farrah will be forced to explain some of her bad choices she's made.

On "Being Catelynn"

When Catelynn and Tyler were on "Teen Mom" they gave up their daughter Carly to adoption. Since the show's end, Tyler has called off their wedding, and Teresa and Brandon, Carly's adoptive parents, have put some severe restrictions on things involving their daughter such as not being allowed to share photos on social media. Catelynn is learning that adoption, no matter how open, isn't as easy a choice that she thought it was going to be.

On "Being Amber"

Amber's story on "Teen Mom" was a sad one full of addiction and anger. After failing a court ordered drug test she asked the judge to send her to prison so that she could finally get clean. While there, she enrolled in a special rehab program for inmates and got her GED. She was able to leave her five year prison sentence after doing year and a half and fans will get to see her clean and sober, reuniting with her daughter. Amber is attempting to rebuild familial relationships while staying clean and dealing with the everyday stresses of the outside world. The biggest struggle for Amber that fans will see is Amber trying to get to know her daughter again with the stressful presence of Gary and his new girlfriend that he's brought into Leah's life.

MTV will be airing these specials on Feb. 23 from 8 PM to 11 PM.

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