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'Teen Mom' Leah Messer reveals financial struggle

Leah and Ali
Leah and Ali
Leah Messer / Twitter

Teen Mom star Leah Messer is having some financial problems due to medical bills piling up. According to Radar Online, Messer has been hit hard when it comes to paying for health care for her daughter, Ali. The reality star has been forced to pay out of pocket for a lot of the medical expenses incurred after her daughter was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy.

Leah explained:

"It’s stressful because insurance doesn’t cover the whole cost. One bill alone was $20,000."

Aside from the medical bills, life with Ali isn't always easy -- and sometimes Leah feels helpless. While the mom of three does her best to accommodate her little girl, sometimes there isn't anything she can do to make Ali more comfortable. Seeing your child in pain is tough -- and Leah knows the feeling all too well.

"The hardest thing is when Ali looks at me and says, 'Mommy, my legs hurt.' I know there is nothing I can do about it. It’s tough for me."

Teen Mom Leah Messer focuses on the positive aspects of life as much as she can. In an interview with In Touch Weekly, Leah shared that her daughter is incredibly bright despite her challenges -- and that helps Leah stay positive too.

Leah shared:

"She uses big words — like 'optimistic' and 'challenging' — sometimes things I wouldn’t even think to say. Ali is really smart and she’s well aware of her disease, but she doesn’t let it burden her."

While it certainly hasn't been the easiest road, Leah has a great support system. Her husband, Jeremy Calvert, has done a great job at stepping in and helping out. Although Ali (and her twin sister Aleeah) isn't his biological daughter, he treats her as though she is and helps lift the burden off of Leah's shoulders. According to the report, Ali's biological dad, Corey Simms, has helped defray some of the bills and the stress off of his ex-wife as well.

Things in the Messer-Calvert household will likely get a little easier as Ali gets older and is able to understand more about her debilitating disease.

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