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'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry defends son's choice to play with girl toys

Kailyn defends her son's choice to play with girl toys.
Kailyn Lowry/ instagram

As fans have seen on this season of "Teen Mom 2" Kailyn Lowry is one of the most down to earth parents that would do anything for her kids. In the past, she has been given heat for letting Isaac play as he wants, using his imagination, and just having fun. On Feb. 20 Wepaint reports that this momma bear is doing it again over her son's choice to play with girl's princess toys.

Fans have seen Isaac play with a wide variety of things from Jessie dolls, to Ninja Turtles and Kail thinks that it is absolutely fine. When one fan questioned whether or not she was worried that he might grow up to be gay or "confused" Kail shot back with a spot on remark. She says,

"[Isaac's] 4 and that's crazy. I let his imagination run free. I'll love him no matter what he turns out to be."

This is a concern for many parents, still, even though gender acceptance is more wide spread. Statistically, boys that play with babies, and girls in general, grow up to be better parents than those that don't break from the norm. Perhaps Kailyn is preparing her son to be an awesome dad like her husband, Javi Marroquin? At the age of four, there really is no right or wrong with the toys they play with.

This Examiner's son prefers Hot Wheels and making things out of found objects such as old paper towel tubes. He also thinks that his mother is a princess and opens doors for her when out in public. No matter what Isaac grows up to be, the only thing that matters is that you show your children love and raise them in a way that you hope they will someday treat their partners.

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