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‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans gets slammed for doing good

‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans gets slammed for doing good
Twitter/Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2” star Jenelle Evans can never seem to catch a break. Evans is used to getting slammer for her behavior, but this time she’s being slammed for doing something good, according to The Stir on January 10.

Jenelle is in the limelight this time because the star is being accused of profiting from the tragic death of an 18 year-old that lives in her mother’s neighborhood. Before everyone screams ‘scandal’ one should look at the facts.

Jenelle has been tweeting like her normal madwomen self about the death of Keith Vidal. Vidal was shot by the police after his parents called and asked for help. Jenelle also shared the tragic news on her Sulia account. Sulia is a social networking news aggregator that pays Jenelle for her content.

It’s worth noting that her Twitter and Sulia account are connected. When she posts on Sulia, its shared across all her social network sites. This prevents users of Sulia from having to share with each site individually.

Just because Evans is paid to use Sulia shouldn’t matter what she shared. With 848,000 Twitter followers, Jenelle is a celebrity player on the Interwebs. If she’s using her voice for the greater good, why all the hate? At the end of the day just because a site generates income doesn’t mean she isn’t genuinely trying to help. She’s also generating attention.

Police brutality is no laughing matter and it’s worth calling attention to. Allegedly Vidal’s parents called the cops for help. Vidal was tased, and then right before their eyes their 90-pound son was shot. Jenelle Evans wants to use her voice for an outcry of police brutality.

Is Jenelle Evans being treated unfairly? How is this any different than a news reporter who is paid to tell the story on the evening news? Sound off in the comments below.

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