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'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham reportedly stiffed partner for rights to 'Blowin'

Farrah Abraham recently released her latest track, "Blowin.'"

Farrah Abraham attends the 'The Hungover Games' cast party at Lure on February 11, 2014 in Hollywood, California.
Photo by Michael Buckner

Unfortunately, she appears to have done so illegally.

In a new report, it is alleged that Abraham had originally teamed up with Adam Barta for a duet on the song, which was previously titled, "Bully." But after changing the name and branching out to get the song done, Abraham completely cut Barta out of the project.

Then, after releasing the track, Abraham failed to give any credit to the man, who was reportedly responsible for creating a major part of the song.

"Farrah's latest single was allegedly pilfered (by Farrah), and she recorded and marketed without proper approval, collaboration, or credit," Fish Wrapper reported on March 25. "The song, "Blowin" -- originally titled "Bully" -- was to be recorded as a duet with vocalist Adam Barta. Adam is said to own 45% of the song, and claims to have received nothing -- no compensation, no credit -- for his role in the production of a song he was instrumental in creating: 'Blowin.'"

In addition, Abraham is said to have avoided Barta at all costs when it came to the production of the song. She even went as far as to claim he was hitting on her (even though Barta is openly gay) and said at one point that if they were to move forward, Barta would have to dress more like a celebrity.

In response to the story, Abraham's rep told Fish Wrapper, "We are not currently aware of any legal issues. To the extent that there are any, we will address them if necessary."

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