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‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham releases new song ‘Blowin’

Teen MomFarrah Abraham has released another song titled “Blowin.” Farrah debuted the song on March 17 to In Touch Magazine.

'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham releases new song titled 'Blowin.'

In the new single, which also comes with a video companion, Farrah is totally auto tuned, and singing about people letting her do what she wants to do.

“I think if I feel passionate about a subject, then I will write a song and share with others who I know can relate,” Farrah Abraham said.

“Personally, music is a hobby, not my career move, but I hope others enjoy it as much as my daughter and I do,” the “Teen Mom” added.

In 2013 Farrah also released an album which went along with her New York Times best-selling book, “My Teenage Dream Ended,” and took a lot of heat for her voice, lyrics, and style choices in the songs.

What are your thoughts on “Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham releasing another song, “Blowin?”

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