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'Teen Mom' dad Javi Marroquin wears son Lincoln in the grocery store

Javi smiles for a picture while wearing his son, Lincoln, in a baby sling while walking in the grocery store.
Javi Marroquin/ Twitter

On Feb 20 Wetpaint shares an adorable picture of "Teen Mom 2" dad Javi Marroquin wearing his son, Lincoln, in a baby sling while walking around the grocery store.

Since being on the show, Javi has been an upstanding guy, helping Kailyn with her first son, Isaac, and now with his own son, Lincoln. Not only that but his good guy nature has solidified his spot on "Teen Mom 2" as Kail and he officially were married last year.

While more dads are stepping up to the plate and being an active part in their child's lives, you still don't see too much of it on "Teen Mom 2" or any of the other "Teen Mom" series. Javi has taken the hands on approach to his parenting even with a full schedule in the Air Force and life in general. It's nice to see that Kailyn has landed herself such a great guy considering her life has been less than perfect and she's had her share of bad relationships in the past.

While Wetpaint mistakenly claims that Javi is "babysitting" in their article, Javi just enjoys spending time with his kids and genuinely enjoys being apart of their lives. No matter how involved a dad is, you still don't see many of them baby wearing.

What do you think of Javi's cute photo op?

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