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'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska reveals her biggest co-parenting mistake

Chelsea has revealed what she claims to be her biggest co-parenting fail.
Chelsea has revealed what she claims to be her biggest co-parenting fail.
Chelsea Houska/ Instagram

On March 17 The Stir recaps an earlier episode of "Teen Mom 2" where Chelsea is chatting with a friend bout Adam Lind, her baby daddy while decorating for Aubree's fourth birthday. Chelsea is complaining about Adam's new baby and recalls how his having a new baby all of a sudden makes him want to step up and see Aubree more.

Obviously, Chelsea is ticked because she is the one that did all the parenting during the hard infant and toddler years, and now that she's a fun little kid that is more independent and playful, Adam wants in. During her complaining, Chelsea makes the comment that "I get up, get her ready, get breakfast, bring her to daycare and then I go to school ... then I bring her home, make dinner, give her a bath and put her to bed. Everyday. That’s my day. What does he do?” Her friend, also named Chelsey, responds with, "Nothing," to which Aubree chimes in, "Like my dad."

In a "Teen Mom 2" video extra, Chelsea says that talking about Aubree's dad within ear-shot is one of her biggest co-parenting fails because she doesn't want to fill her head with bad stuff about him and she doesn't want Aubree forming opinions of her father on what she hears from her.

Chelsea is trying to take the high road now, and not speak ill of Adam while Aubree is around to hear, but she says that she can guarantee that Adam doesn't have anything nice to say about her. It sucks to be the better parent, but in the end, the children usually figure it out in the end.

What do you think of Chelsea's co-parenting fail? Have you "been there, done that?"