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'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska is officially a homeowner

"Teen Mom" Chelsea Houska is officially a homeowner.
"Teen Mom" Chelsea Houska is officially a homeowner.
Chelsea Houska/ Facebook

On March 19 Reality Tea shares a photo of "Teen Mom" Chelsea Houska standing in front of a gorgeous two-story home with her burnt orange Jeep parked in front. This is Chelsea's new home that she just purchased.

Recently, Chelsea complained about being under a lot of stress because of a big even that was taking place in her life, and now fans have learned she was moving, yet again, to her very own home that she purchased!

There has been much speculation on posts, and Chelsea's social media as to who really purchased the home, her or her father, Randy, but in the end, does it really matter? Chelsea's name is on the deed and it's hers.

Of all the "Teen Mom" stars, Chelsea has shown the most growth since her first season and seems to manage her money and life rather well despite her always running back to Adam Lind, her daughter's father. Now that he's moved on, and seemingly she has too, she is doing well for herself. She still drives the same Jeep that she always has, she got her GED no matter how long it took her, she finished school and she works outside of her MTV contract as an aestheticism.

Chelsea's new home is beautiful and looks as if it has a large enough yard that Aubree will have plenty of room to play. Congrats are in order to Chelsea for her amazing purchase.