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'Teen Mom' belly ring: Jenelle Evans flaunts belly ring during pregnancy

Jenelle Evans mug shot
Jenelle Evans mug shot
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom" is flaunting a new belly ring and it shows that she has a baby on board. This might be just a bit much. On Jan. 23, US Magazine shared a picture of the belly ring that she is showing off and it is not a pretty thing to see.

This pregnancy belly ring says "Baby on Board" on it, but the problem is her belly button doesn't look great due to pregnancy. It is really not something that everyone wants to see from her. You also have to be really careful when you are pregnant that the belly button ring doesn't end up infected or something.

Jenelle Evans is really excited about her pregnancy and said that she doesn't know yet if she is having a girl or a boy. The baby should be here in June and she does have a belly button ring that is the birthstone for June which is pink so maybe she is secretly hoping for a girl.